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Occupational Therapy

Is Occupational Therapy Right For Your Child?

Common reasons why parents will consider pediatric OT:

  • My child has difficulty with fine motor skills (manipulating objects, holding a pencil or silverware, etc)

  • My child struggles with school activities such as coloring, handwriting, letter and shape recognition.

  • My child has difficulty with eating certain types and textures of food.

  • My child is struggling to upgrade to an age-appropriate method of drinking.

  • My child is under-responsive or overly sensitive to certain sensations, sounds, touch, or movement.

  • My child struggles to interact socially and engage with family and peers.

  • My child is easily distracted and unable to focus at school.

  • My child shows delays in play skills.

What Do Pediatric Occupational Therapists Do?

Our pediatric occupational therapists start by evaluating your child’s current skill levels for playing, school performance, and daily activities. They will then compare those levels to what is appropriate for that age group to discover opportunities for improvement. Play is incorporated into sessions to help reduce any anxiety or fears and motivate children to accomplish their goals. Play can involve games, puzzles, toys, or physical exercises. Your therapist will help your child develop critical physical, cognitive, and sensory skills so they can independently perform daily tasks. The goal of pediatric occupational therapy is not only to help your child progress but also help build confidence in everything they do.

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