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Executive Director

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PediPlay has the most amazing staff. Always very helpful & caring. Finn has made huge strides since starting with his therapists. We love PediPlay.


- Tamara, PediPlay parent

Core Values

PediPlay Core Values

At PediPlay, we are passionate about what we do and who we serve. Holding to these “Core Values”, we strive to awaken all aspects of your child’s mind and body through nurturing and tuning in to each family’s needs.



We strive to understand each family’s journey, and respect the trust that is required for you to put your child in our hands. Our PediPlay family promises to respect and honor this journey not only in the successful moments, but in the more difficult ones as well. We are dedicated to building this bridge of trust through our compassionate care and listening. It is through this listening and open communication that we will help each child and their family live their best life.



At PediPlay, we are a highly specialized team committed to each other as well as to each child and family that enters our care. Embracing your child’s team, we strive to create an atmosphere focused on the unique needs of each and every family. Together we will celebrate achievements, milestones, and goals focused on function and independence.



We commit to embracing each unique family. Building strong connections, we align our strategies, care plan, and personal commitment to ensure we provide coordinated services to support the needs of the family. It is through these connections we strive to achieve lifelong independence for each child and empowering the family to help them succeed.



We are dedicated to actively seeking education, resources, and innovative treatments to maximize our ability to reach each child. We see this as an opportunity to learn from each other what approach works best for each child and their family. The journey of learning and the pursuit of knowledge is one we travel together learning, encouraging, and challenging each other along the way.

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