Pediatric Therapy

PediPlay offers pediatric therapy and early intervention services specializing in oral motor and feeding skill development and enhancement, large and small muscle strength and coordination, language, developmental skill building, social competence and strategies for success with peers and sensory challenges.

Therapy occurs in direct sessions, intensive camps, on-site consultations in clinic, school, community and home settings.

Our staff designs home programs, skill building strategies infused into daily routines, sensory diets, sensory environments, school programs, age appropriate feeding plans, communication plans, individual therapy goals and treatment programs based on evaluation data and parent goals and concerns, and assistive technology selection & training.

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About us

PediPlay aims to inspire children & families to attain goals, while being respectful of the child's readiness & comfort. This provides the optimum atmosphere for the child to learn and integrate new skills.


PediPlay offers an array of services to meet client and family needs. Evaluations, ongoing direct therapy, skill focused groups, intensive camps, preschool, daycare and school consultation/ inservices, social skills groups, monthly parents' night out, lending library and continuing education courses with local and national speakers are just a few.

Meet our therapists

PediPlay therapists provide occupational, physical, developmental, and speech services. We would love to get to know you and your child and discuss how we can best meet your needs.

Contact us

Let's discuss the challenges your family is facing and the needs and goals you have for your child. Send us an email or give us a call to set-up an appointment today.

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