PediPlay's 2018 Summer Camps!



Camp SENSEational 2018

Camp SENSEational 2018

Camp Can Do 2018

Camp Can Do 2018

PediPlay camps are a chance to advance skills through games, water play, gym activities, and high interest programming. Peer interaction and one-on-one support add the time and support in a natural setting to expand social interaction skills and develop friendships.


Camps are open to kids of all needs and abilities was well as siblings and friends. Goals are established for each child and infused into the camp fun. Each child has the ability to engage with activities, and others, as well as expand their skills on their own timeline. Their camp partner is there to encourage, support, expand, and celebrate their camp buddies challenges and successes. All camp partners are graduate level therapy interns or students applying to therapy programs who have been trained and are supported by therapy staff.


Kids who receive services from PediPlay, as well as new friends, are welcomed to each camp session. The growth kid’s experience due to the intensity, camp setting, peers, and passionate young adult one-on-one buddies, always spurs new skill acquisition as well as safe risk taking, personally driven choice making, and opportunities for working through a challenge.


We look forward to including your child in a fun and enriching PediPlay camp experience.

To enroll in Camp SENSEational or Camp Can Do, fill out registration forms and return to PediPlay with full payment of selected  camp by JUNE 8, 2018 to reserve spot. 

Email , or give us a call at 317-791-9031 anytime for 

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