Think Like a Therapist: Monkey-See, Monkey-Do

The playground is a fun, compact version of many movement challenges experienced in everyday life. When I take my patients to the playground, I love seeing all the progress they make with stair climbing, balance, and walking across uneven surfaces. Plus for those who need sensory input, swings slides, and spinning tire swings are great! Playgrounds also offer a unique opportunity for peer interaction and imitation along with the added benefits of cardiovascular exercise! It is amazing how many therapeutic benefits play can have!

Recommended Age Group: 1+years

What You Need:

  • Your local park or playground!

​What You Do: Play on the playground, play with other children, run up and down hills... the possibilities are endless!

And the goal is?

  • Gross motor activities

  • Confidence in:

  • Balance

  • Stairs

  • Gaining coordination practice

  • Using peer imitation


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