Think Like a Therapist: Let's Talk Blocks

Playing with blocks is such a simple activity, but you can really use it to work towards your child's goals. Practice following one and two-step directions by asking them to place the blocks in different patterns, or work on concept words such as "in," "on," "up," "down." This is a great opportunity for your child to imitate phrases with an activity that can be reproduced easily at home with any type of stacking play.

Recommended Age Group: 18 months - 2 years

What You Need:

  • You guessed it: Blocks! (A variety of colors works best)

What You Do: Block play is a wonderful opportunity to engage with your child. Practice communicating and taking turns with your child as you play

And the goal is?

As a speech therapist, my goals are for the child to produce and imitate words and two-word phrases such as "up," "block up," "block down," "more please" (to request another block). Use your child's interests to engage in communication, it's really that simple!


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