Think Like a Therapist: Life is Like a Box of Beans

Bean box play is a wonderful activity to teach concepts of scoop, pour, transfer of objects, filling containers as well as tactile and sensory exploration! The senses are a familiar way for children to explore, process, and understand information -- the more input you give to the sensory system, the better! Sensory play allows children to develop their sensory processing skills so they become more efficient sensory learners as they explore their world. A box of beans provides this important input while your child works on fine motor skills.

Recommended Age Group: 2+

What You Need:

  • Plastic tote

  • Beans

  • Cups

  • Spoons

  • Funnel

  • Small objects (balls, animals, etc)

What You Do: Fill the plastic tote with beans and start scooping, dumping, and pouring!

And the goal is?

  • Hands-on tactile exploration

  • Scooping

  • Dumping

  • Pouring

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