Splish Splash, Let's Give Some Toys a Bath

Therapy can be fun and playful. Parents have most of the equipment -- this can be done on a towel on the floor in the house or better yet, outside! Rubbing soap makes bubbles, and who doesn't love bubbles as a way to start conversation! Also, using cloth for rubbing, and drying with a towel are all activities used in self-care. This is one of my favorites with my kiddos!

Recommended Age Group: 18 months - 3+years

What You Need:

  • Waterproof baby doll (or Truck or Big Sea Shell)

  • Basin

  • Soap

  • Small wash cloth

  • Towel

  • Small bar of soap (hotel soap is great!)

  • Optional: Bucket, Small pitcher

What You Do: Give your baby doll or truck or sea shell a bath!

And the goal is?

  • Following directions

  • Increased vocabulary

  • Sequence of Steps

  • Outdoor Activity

#toys #bath

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