Simon Says...Think Like a Therapist!

Simon Says is a great game to play with kids as it gives simple instructions such as, "put your hand on your head" or "bend down and touch your toes" and you can work on receptive language skills (comprehension/listening/following directions). At a young age, kids should be able to follow one and two-step directions. This incorporates their understanding of concept words including “in”, “on”, “up”, “down” and it can also include working on labeling body parts as well. When your child is ready you can give them a turn to be the leader having them give you directions to follow.

Recommended Age Group: 2-5 years

What You Need: You!

What You Do: Play Simon says! "Simon" will shout out orders, but you can only obey them if the order begins with "Simon says." When someone follows an order that does not begin with "Simon says," they are out of the game.

And the goal is?

  • Vocabulary enrichment

  • Receptive/Expressive language

  • Taking turns

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