When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie!

Making a home-made pizza from a box and cutting out cookies with a press are two of my favorite activities because they stimulate the senses: smell, taste (did I put my finger in my mouth then back in the dough?), touch/sensory. These activities promote trunk/core stability and provide an opportunity for weight-bearing through the arms which is calming for the central nervous system. They also promote fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. If that's not enough: It's a bonding activity between the supervising adult and child and can easily involve the whole family. These are some of my favorite childhood memories.

Recommended Age Group: 2+ years

What You Need:

  • Box of Chef Boyardee Pizza or Cookie dough

  • Rolling Pin

  • Cookie Cutters

What You Do: Make a home-made pizza or cut out cookies!

And the goal is?

  • Upper extremity weight-bearing

  • Good shoulder girdle stability

  • Fine motor development

#cooking #pizza #cookies

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